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About StudioDax
Learning new techniques and working with new materials are vital to the growth of any artist, and at StudioDax, I am always adding new projects and classes to help expand the skills of my students.

In addition to learning new techniques and improving skills, knowing how to implement them with your own designs
is what helps us grow as an artist. Class projects are just a starting place, and I encourage you to bring your unique views to class and make the projects your own - I love seeing the variety of designs that students come up with!

For over 15 years, creating one-of-a-kind unique jewelry has been a real passion to me. After years of teaching in the business world, it was a natural step to develop classes in jewelry making.

I work with a broad variety of techniques using both standard jewelry materials and the unexpected. Browse my site and see what catches your interest - whether you want to learn riveting or etching, or see how soldering or forging techniques can add to your designs, I'm sure you'll find a class that fits your style!

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